Abu Dhabi Police Air Wing Department organized an advanced lecture and hands-on practical session for 35 participants from Tawam Hospital's staff members, including doctors, nurses and paramedics on the means to approach the air ambulance aircraft, to receive or send out patients and injured people in various accidents.

Captain Pilot Ahmed Al Ameri, Operations Officer from the Air Wing Department, explained the proper ways to approach the aircraft, the designated approach path, the need to avoid the winds caused by the turning blades and to make sure to approach the VTOL helicopter on a flat surface.

Captain Al Ameri accompanied the medical staff to the helicopter's landing zone to train them hands-on on the proper ways to approach the helicopter after being signaled to approach from the pilot, and the need to crouch while walking in the vicinity of the helicopter. He stressed the need for ambulances and paramedics to remain clear off the helicopter’s landing area marked in yellow. The training also included the proper methods to receive the patients and the wounded.

The lecturer praised the positive interaction of participants, stressing the keenness of Abu Dhabi Police to increase cooperation and coordination with air paramedics, doctors and nurses.

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