The Law Respect Culture Bureau at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H. Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Interior organized an awareness lecture for female inmates at the Women's Prison Department affiliated to the General Directorate of Punitive Establishments at Dubai Police. The lecture tackled the concept of the law respect culture and the family's role in instilling this concept in children.

During the lecture, Milan Sharif, researcher at the Law Respect Culture Bureau, indicated that linking education to many modern concepts, such as law, morality, security and others, reflects the efficient and pivotal role of educational institutions in delivering society’s message to individuals, who are being  qualified and prepared to positively integrate and interact with society.

She also noted that the modern education process requires parents to have thorough knowledge of the scientific basics of this critical task, which is essential to shaping children’s future and determining their success or failure in properly adjusting with the social system that he belongs to.

Moreover, Mrs. Sharif highlighted the most common education mistakes that are often made by parents, mostly with good intention, as they lack the knowledge of correct education principles, the dangers of such behaviors and their negative impact on child's psychological structure, which may make him vulnerable to delinquency and crime.

Mrs. Sharif shed light on the law’s stance towards illegal behaviors that often result from parenting mistakes, such as excessive cruelty or overindulgence or negligence of parents.  She also explained the various punishments and penalties stipulated  by the law, ranging from financial fines resulting from traffic violations to minor offenses such as insulting, defaming, or physical abuse, down to serious crimes, such as drug and murder crimes, which is punishable by temporary imprisonment down to life sentence or death penalty in cases like rape or drug trafficking.

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