The GCC Security Education and Training Forum, which was held from March 29, until April 2nd under the slogan “Competency Based Police Training”, concluded its activities in Abu Dhabi.

Participants in the Forum that was organized by the Police College in cooperation with the Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), stressed the need for a systematic approach to build police knowledge, based on modern trends  in education and training and in accordance with the  concept of continuous quality improvement (CQI) and knowledge management using the best modern education and training methods and tools in order to overcome challenges faced by police education and training institutes in GCC Countries.

The forum called for additional investment towards building an effective human capital across police colleges, with the aim of enhancing the knowledge capital (intellectual capital), which is mainly based on three components namely human capital, customer capital and structural capital. in order to achieve the highest levels of excellence and competitiveness.

Participants stressed the need to further enhance intrinsic capabilities, which is based on distinguished competencies that include all the related knowledge, skills, rends and behaviors, due to their efficient impacts on the distinguished police field performance.

Recommendations also emphasized the importance of leverage scientific forums in police colleges and institutes in GCC Countries in the scientific research field, adding value to their work. For instance, the Forum produced two scientific researches, which came up with a set of outcomes and recommendations that will be later distributed to participating colleges, namely: “Modern trends of quality police education and training: a field study in police colleges and institutes of GCC Countries”; and the “Training strategy and its impact on boosting staff members’ efficiency in police institutions: field study in the GCC Countries”.

Participants also emphasized the need to avail of success experiences and stories of countries participating in the Forum, with the aim of sharing the success stories and best practices with police colleges and institutes. These stories include but are not limited to:

* The training village at the Sultan Qaboos Academy for Police Sciences (Oman); the student council, which advocates the idea of preparing police leader through a student council (Bahrain), and the virtual education and e-learning (Police College in the UAE).

The participants also called for activating e-knowledge sharing amongst police colleges and institutes, by spreading elaborate and specialized scientific researches related to solving security problems and utilizing e-linking technology in organizing conferences, seminars, and lectures through an online electronic platform.    

They called upon expanding knowledge sharing in order to enrich such scientific forums with the extensive knowledge and skills of training and education experts and specialists from police colleges in GCC Countries or high-ranking senior security officials, in order to avail of their cumulative expertise and experience. They also recommended assigning candidates and participants from GCC countries to submit work papers, by which they showcase their experiences and success stories in the area of interactive training and education; and enabling students participating in the forum to experience a one-day work program with students from the host college, in order to get a closer look at the nature of the program and how it applies on the ground, as well as to conduct benchmarking studies for continuous improvement.

Moreover, the participants recommended increasing the forum’s number of days, holding it more than once a year, and focusing on field visits in the areas of police work.

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Nasser Al Baker, Director of Postgraduate Studies at the Police College, delivered a speech towards the end of the forum, by which he thanked the GCC countries’ delegations for their valuable interaction with the activities on the agenda; which contributed to the success of the forum and provided the proper recommendations aimed at achieving the best results to develop the training and education process in the police colleges and institutes in GCC countries. Then he announced the recommendations reached by the participants in the forum.

Furthermore, the participants praised the efforts exerted by the Police College in the UAE in organizing the forum, wishing it further success and progress. They also expressed their heartfelt happiness to further deepen the ties of brotherly love and affection among officers and participating students from GCC countries; wishing them continued security and stability in their home countries.

The closing ceremony was attended by Lieutenant Colonel Khaled Abdullah Al Khouri, Police College Deputy Director, alongside department heads, section chiefs, and a number of officers and faculty members at the Police College and officers from police colleges, academies, and institutes from the GCC countries.

Lieutenant Colonel Khaled Abdullah Al Khouri, accompanied by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Nasser Al Baker, honored the lecturers, participants, members of the scientific and administrative organizing committee, and officers accompanying the GCC delegations. He also honored GCC heads of State and delegates participating in the forum. Towards the end of the forum, commemorative shields and gifts were exchanged.

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