The Directorate General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Abu Dhabi organized two lectures on Smart Government in a bid to exchange and enhance knowledge sharing among staff members and to avail of leaders’ expertise within the different police work fields. This initiative aims at serving the development of organizational excellence and improving the indicators of job performance.

Both lectures were held in response to the “Share My Knowledge” initiative that was recently launched by the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Interior.

The lectures that were hosted by the Emirates Institute for Naturalization, Residency and Ports were attended by Colonel Yusuf Ismail Al Khouri, Deputy Director General of Residency and Foreigners Affairs; along with heads of departments, chiefs of sections and staff members.  The first lecture was delivered by Colonel Salem Mohamed Al Ameri, Head of the Foreign Offices Department, while Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah Abdul Wahab Al Falahi, Head of Entry and Residency Permits Department delivered the second lecture.

Colonel Al Ameri stressed the Abu Dhabi Residency and Foreigners Affairs’ commitment to develop and upgrade the quality of government services. He noted that launching the Smart Government package of services aims at enabling the public to avail of the modern and new technologies available through mobile phones to obtain the best services in a fast, secure and easy manner, to meet customers’ needs. “Technology has undergone extensive development recently, which prompted the development of electronic services linked to relevant parties in the field of service provision, especially with the widespread of smart phones use,” he added.

For his part, Colonel Al Falahi tackled the Smart Government initiative. He said that the initiative aims at increasing and boosting awareness of government entities about the benefits of mobile phone services and the need to implement the optimal techniques in the provision of government services to improve performance, based on the creativity and innovation factors and consistent with the need to cater to the requirements of all society segments and achieve their aspirations.

Towards the end of the lecture, the Head of the Foreign Offices Department and the Head of Entry and Residency Permit Department answered the audience’s queries with respect to the different aspects of Smart Government.

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