The Ministry of Interior has offered its experience in the field of DNA and in the stages of its development during a seminar held along the sidelines of the 29th meeting for a group of INTERPOL experts in DNA test monitoring. The seminar was held in the Moroccan city of Marrakech. 

Lt. Colonel Expert Mariam Qassim Al Qahtani, Head of the Criminal Biology and Genetic Sequencing Section of the Abu Dhabi Police Forensic Evidence Department, presented a paper regarding the development stages of work with the DNA sciences in the UAE. She also highlighted the techniques utilized throughout the development, how to achieve international recognition, and the next generation of DNA testing devices.

“The UAE represents the Middle East in the INTERPOL team of experts in monitoring DNA tests,” said Lt. Colonel Expert Al Qahtani, as she pointed out that the experts addressed topics related to genetic sequencing and the international exchange of a suspect’s genetic patterns. She mentioned that the seminar touched on the scientific and security-related developments in the field of DNA alongside the experiences of the member countries and the exchange of expertise in the fields of science and security.

“Through strengthening joint security work, and through the exchange and documentation of information, services, and experiences, we will witness a shift in the improvement of methods used to combat crime,” she said.

The Head of the Criminal Biology and Genetic Sequencing Section further explained that the UAE joined INTERPOL’s DNA data portal in 2008, which allows concerned parties to obtain and exchange DNA-related information with more than 70,000 profiles. The portal additionally provides access to the samples of criminals and suspects from the INTERPOL database that have been provided from various countries around the world.

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